Ascension in general terms means rising to a higher level. 

As a Coach, my most dominant intent trough Ascending Coaching is to simply help you rise towards a better version of yourself whatever that means to you. My goal is to guide you toward levelling up on all 3 level: the mind, the body and the soul aspect of who you truly are which will have for effect to create a level of balance and inner peace inside and out.


There are no more satisfying feeling than to expand in all facets of our being. Either physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And what better way to do it than to open the door to trust and learn from one another. To build a community where asking for help does't equal weakness but strength in the deeper understanding that we are all part of the same evolution process. 

The ultimate goal trough these teachings is to help create a sense of balance in the deepest part of our being which in return, will be reflected outwardly into the world. And where the Law Of Attraction isn't just a fictional term for you anymore but a way of conscious living.

Ascension Coaching has been founded by the Author of PERSEVERANCE: 7 steps to living your purpose and Personal Trainer & Coach since 2008.




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