Creating the ultimate practice environment

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Why is creating the perfect environment important to your practice?

Whether we choose to admit it to ourselves or not, feeling good is what all living beings are striving for. No one likes to feel unsatisfied or like we have to settle for less than what we want or feel we deserve. We can all agree that we would chose to feel good above feeling bad if we had the choice. Duh! But have you ever askEd yourself on a deeper level, why that is? 

“You need to learn how to select your thoughts just the same way you select your clothes every day. This is a power that you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life so badly, work on the mind. That's the only thing you should be trying to control”

- Eat, Pray, Love

What is the LOA?

When a thinking organism is filled with illness, it wants heath. When the body gets wounded, its automatic response is to try to heal the cut or the opening of the skin. When a flower is given sunlight and water, it blossoms. When lackng the essentials, it dies. Isn't this absolutely obvious fact helping you to understand the truth about all things: that our initial essence is one of love and abundance? The energy is abundant! It does not decide one day yeah, I will heal this cut on that toe, but not the cut on the other toe? Of course it does not, It heals time and time again. That is the cell’s purpose. It's not only abundant but it‘s loving! When you cut your finger, is the body‘s automatic function to heal or to hurt? It’s to heal, always. You have an infinitely wise consciousness within yourself that's simply waiting for you to awaken to it. Divine love. You can truly heal your body if you can train your mind to work with it, instead of against it and take back your power and realize that you are not the victim of circumstances but instead, the creator of them. ALL OF THEM. And this should make you feel empowered, not the other way around. Don't you want control over your own life, truly?

You might be asking what does this LOA () have to do with the importance of creating the perfect environment for your practice! Well, it's simple. The Universe does not respond to your asking with words; it responds to your vibration. If you ask the Universe for a desire but in your heart you believe you don't deserve it, it won't come. If you ask for a desire but you are holding on to envy when you see others with the very thing that you are asking for, you have some dirt on your vibration and it won't come, yet. The Universe respond to HOW YOU FEEL, and HOW YOU FEEL ONLY. Not to your words, not to your commands, but to your vibrational frequency. It all starts within you. So stop asking what's appropriate and instead ask the universe for what makes you feel best.

Don't you want to live a life full of magic? Because I'm telling you, IT IS POSSIBLE and IT IS AVAILABLE TO YOU. You just have to expand your consciousness. 


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