Who are you, truly?

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

What if I ask you to describe, in a few words or sentences, who you are? Now, answer the same question but this time you aren’t allowed to say anything about your job or career, our birthplace or current residence, your age, your name, your appearance or your marital status. What would you say then? How can you do that with all these restrictions? Who are you underneath your personality? Would you be able to answer me?

You might think this is a trick question or you might simply roll your eyes at such an impossible task. Fair enough. But trust me when I say that the day you chose to take this question seriously, will be the day your life will shift.

Underneath your personality (ego) resides the deepest, most powerful part of you. Do you know this part of yourself as well as you know he superficial you? When you have little or no real knowledge of that deeper you, you cannot make any lasting improvements or even identify the areas of your life  where changes may be to your benefit. In order to grow, you need to access that essential part of you.


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